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Switchbacks Burt and Argueta Make Impact at Monroe Elementary

By sbadmin, 03/11/16, 6:15PM MST


By Tammy Crafts

(March 11, 2016 – Colorado Springs, CO) Switchbacks defender Jordan Burt and midfielder Rony Argueta visited Wagner Park near Monroe Elementary this afternoon where more than 40 smiling faces greeted them to play soccer after school.

Monroe Elementary students have been participating in a soccer clinic for multiple weeks that culminated the last day of the clinic with a visit from the Switchbacks pro players. “It’s great to spend time with youngsters who just love to play the sport,” said Burt after spending an hour socializing with the young fans. “I couldn’t have asked for a better Friday afternoon!”

Participants included elementary students ranging in age from five to 10 years old where they were grouped into six teams where they proudly wore brightly covered vests to designate their teams, one called Team Barcelona! Some wore cleats and others tennis shoes, some in their favorite jerseys and shorts and others in tshirts and jeans. They all eagerly displayed their soccer talents to the professionals that came to interact with them.

“It was a humbling experience being able to share with the students at Monroe Elementary today,” said Argueta as he recalls his own childhood experiences. “Working with these kids, who the majority, if not all, live in an underrepresented community and come from low income families brings back positive memories for me,” continues Argueta as he give tips and advice to aspiring young athletes. “Even though my family and I didn’t have much growing up, we were happy and very close, and continue to be. This experience today reminded me to always be grateful and happy for what we have. It is also amazing to see that there are a lot of great people with loving hearts within our community that take the time to organize and execute events like these for the people that need it the most. Truly a humbling experience that I’m thankful to have been a part of.”

As the time came to an end, both Burt and Argueta reminded the players to keep practicing their “Monroe Manners” and to respect themselves and each other and then stayed to distribute Switchbacks decals, sign autographs and take individual pictures with their newly found fans.