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Jordan Schweitzer Visits St. Francis Medical Center

By Joel Huber, 02/26/18, 2:30PM MST


Last Friday, Jordan Schweitzer took some time to visit the Pediatric ER wing of St. Francis medical center to bring some joy to a sick child who is a big soccer fan and was very excited to meet a professional player.

The two talked soccer, school, their dogs, and their families. The two played rock paper scissors a number of times with Jordan losing nearly every time. Getting to meet and hang out with Jordan but a big smile on his face and the experience was touching for Jordan as well.

"Being able to get out into the community that we as players are privileged to play and live in is always a fantastic opportunity," said Jordan of the visit. "For me getting to meet some of our younger fans and spending time with them is a blast. I always try to put a smile on their face but it turns out they tend to be the ones putting a smile on my face. 

Take a look at some of the pictures below from the visit!