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Switchbacks F-C Supporter Group Information
Benefits of being a recognized supporter group for Switchbacks FC
• Discounted supporters group tickets
• Recognized through the Switchbacks FC webpage and social media sources
• Giveback on seats sold revenue in the section
• Storage area for supporter group equipment
• Exclusive inside communication with staff and players

Join a Switchbacks F-C Supporter Group
Become a recognized Switchbacks FC Supporters Group
Switchbacks FC hold our staff, our fans, and our community to the highest standards and expect all recognized supporter groups to do the same.  To be a recognized supporter group, the following requirements must be met:

• Have a minimum of 50 season tickets
• Have an established board of elected leadership.
• Create a formal agreement stating the groups commitment to Switchbacks FC and the Colorado Springs Community.

As a recognized supporter group, the following must be maintained at ALL TIMES:

• Uphold and enforce the Switchbacks FC Code of Conduct amongst its members
• Embrace all who are willing to support Switchbacks FC no matter race, national origin, religion, political view, sexual orientation or gender; violence and prejudice will NEVER be tolerated.
• Be respectful to all other Switchbacks FC supporters, opposing fans and other, at matches, online, or anywhere else; this includes all other supporter groups in the USL.
• Weekly communication with Switchback FC staff to help stay updated with the what is going on with the club, community and supporter groups.  
• Provide the front office with proof of all parties in the group

Groups interested in applying to be a recognized supporters group, should contact Jonah Wisch at or by phone at 719-602-6132.